BFFE 2020 will take place in an adapted form and preparations are already being made for BFFE 2021. You will find more information on our website and Facebook page in the near future.

The meetings of BFFE online! are free. If you want to support the Buddhist Film Festival Europe now and in 2021, all support, small or large, is welcome.

The Buddhist Film Festival Europe is a unique showcase for films and projects, panels and art that highlights the Buddhist culture of training in non-violence and altruism. For over 10 years, we have contributed with films and speakers.

The message of the BFFE is more relevant than ever: a more compassionate society, based on values of non-harming and loving kindness. We live in a time of great suffering. Losing loved ones, the pain of separation, the injustice of racism, and the damage we do to our planet, are a few examples of what beings are going through. As we quoted on BFFE before: Compassion is the radicalness of our time.

BFFE is independent and is not subsidized. It relies for its continuation on your generosity. Your donations continue to make it possible for us to bring the works of courageous filmmakers to you, and our ever-widening audience. We invite all of you to help these filmmakers share their stories.


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BFFE is independent and values ​​all support, small and large.

With a gift of € 50 or more, you will receive 2 free tickets for the BFFE 2021 opening film.
(To receive the free tickets send us a message with your name and the bank account number you used to

NL69 INGB 0664 1214 03
IBBF Europe Foundation, Amsterdam

Are you considering a higher donation or a special collaboration? Please contact BFFE director Babeth VanLoo via

About the Festival

Every year the BFFE takes place under the direction of Babeth M. VanLoo. Buddhist values, art and culture are again brought together through film. To be together around films, panel discussions with experts and the integration of altruistic values in our society are central, including:

– art and culture inspired by Buddhism, such as by the writers and poets of the Beat movement: Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac; and composers such as Laurie Anderson, John Cage, Philip Glass, and Meredith Monk,
– contemporary topics on which Buddhist inspiration can shed a new light, such as youth culture, science, women’s emancipation, mindfulness, dying, climate change, racial equality and compassion,
– documentaries and feature films from a.o. the Netherlands, Myanmar, Tibet, Japan, Mongolia, the United States, Great Britain, Korea, Bhutan, China, Australia, Cambodia, Hungary, and Taiwan,
– important Buddhist teachers from a large range of traditions, that have an impact on society, such as a.o. the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, the 17th Karmapa, Alan Watts, Joan Halifax, Gelek Rinpoche, Bernie Glassman Roshi, Trungpa Rinpoche, Ram Dass and Angel Kyodo Williams.

Examples of previous panel discussions with special guests included:
– Director Mind & Life Europe, Sander Tideman, and various experts on  Compassionate Economy,
– Zen teacher Angel Kyodo Williams, neurologist James R. Doty,  philosopher Henk Oosterling on empathy,
– Princess Irene, astronaut Andre Kuipers, philosopher / author Bas Haring on Dialogue with Nature.

View the archive to get an impression of the previous festivals.

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