danielle Friday

Friday September 27th
Cinema 3

Co-presented with EYE, as part of the Tarkovsky retrospective.

167 min
Russia, 1972 – new restoration
Russian, Dutch / English subtitles

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Solaris is Tarkovsky’s venture into the genre of science fiction, though there are no stunning galactic battles to be witnessed. Instead, the film can be seen as a meditation on and an existential drama about love and humanity. A psychologist is sent to a space station to investigate a number of extraordinary events.

The spaceship’s crew is circling to the ‘ocean planet’ Solaris, which proves capable of materializing unconscious fears and memories; astronaut Kelvin is visited by his former girlfriend, who committed suicide long ago. Eventually, the entire crew suffer from hallucinations and lose all sight of reality.

The Director commissioned the composer Eduard Artemyev to create the music for his science fiction masterwork.


Director / Screenplay: Andrei Tarkovsky
With: Natalya Bondarchuk, Donatas Banionas, Yuri Jarvet
Writer: Stanislaw Lem
Producer: Aleksandra Demidova
Music: Eduard Artemyev
Camera: Vadim Yusov
Editor: Lyudmila Feyginova, Nina Marcus