Reincarnation – Is it Our Destiny?

danielle Saturday, Saturday


Interactive Workshop

Saturday September 28th

Cinema 2

90 min.
Spoken language: English.

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To understand life no longer as a singularity but a continuum makes all it’s efforts meaningful, because death is not the end.

If you’d like to find out more about the consciousness of reincarnation in a practical way in order to answer major questions like: ‘Who was I? Is there memory of former karmic imprints? Who will I be? Is this useful for my current life?’ join this interactive wo

rkshop with Clemens Kuby.

He will share his expertise, and listen to personal experiences in your life and work area regarding this topic. Also if you never had experiences like this before it can be helpful to explore your subconscious.

Kuby, internationally acclaimed filmmaker and author, has developed a practical method about this process, and invites you to delve into the unknown. He is the director of the opening film of BFFE 2019: Reincarnation – Looking For a Sign.