Living Compassion & Wisdom of Medicine

danielle Saturday

Saturday September 28th
Cinema 2

Followed by a Q&A.

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Living Compassion

Film, 30 min
NL, 2002
Dutch / Tibetan, with Dutch subtitles.

Dr Trogawa Rinpoche (1932-2005) was a Tibetan doctor who was the holder of one of the two schools of Tibetan medicine: the Chagpori tradition. His entire life was dominated by the continuation of this tradition, that was founded in 1696. He was also a Dharma teacher. There are many Dharma teachers, but very few who can teach this medical tradition. Tibetan medicine is based on four ground tantras, the Gyu Zhi. In addition to Buddhist insight, medical and philosophical insights from India (Ayurveda), Greece, China and Persia (Unani) are brought together.


Lecture by Dr. Trinley Trogawa, with Amchi Drs. Nel de Jong
40 min
English spoken

Dr. Trinley Trogawa will present his insight on the Chagpori tradition, part of Tibetan Medicine. The monastery known as Chagpori was one of the premier medical colleges in Tibet. The new Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute (CTMI) – was inaugurated in 1992 in Darjeeling, India. Trinley Trogawa studied Tibetan medicine under Trogawa Rinpoche since 1993. In December 2005 he was elected as the President of Chagpori’s Governing Board and also appointed as the Director of Chagpori.

Buddhism underlies and informs all aspects of Tibetan medicine and the medical texts are regarded as teachings of the Buddha himself. In Tibetan medicine the art of living and healing is related to the concept of harmony, and disease can result when energies are out of balance.

Amchi Drs. Nel de Jong will dialogue and share her experience with Tibetan medicine as a long-term practising physician in the west.

Living Compassion – credits:
Director, camera, editor: Jurgen Gude
With: Dr. Trogawa Rinpoche, Amchi Dr. Nel de Jong
Camera (Darjeeling): Francois Kohler
Sound: Jaap Verhoeven
Music: Laila Keuning
Producer / commissioning editor: Babeth M VanLoo
a BOS Production