danielle Sunday

Sunday September 29th
Cinema 2

Shown together with the short film Home Alone.

Darkhan – Blacksmith

59 mins, USA, 2019
Languages spoken: Russian, Mongolian, Italian, English, with English subtitles.

Dutch premiere

Followed by a Q&A with the producer.

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Documentary film about the world-famous sculptor and artist Dashi Namdakov. Written and directed by Guka Omarova (Schizo, Native Dancer) and produced by two-time Oscar nominated Russian filmmaker, Sergei Bodrov (Mongol), DARKHAN tells the remarkable, magical and inspiring story of a Buryat Buddhist (Dashi Namdakov) who as a boy was stricken with a life-threatening illness. He was healed by a local shaman and grew up to become a wildly talented and successful artist. About himself, Dashi says that he is only a link in a long chain of Darkhans, artisans whom Genghis Khan valued.

Dashi Namdakov







Director, writer: Guka Omarova
With: Dashi Namdakov, Sergei Bodrov
camera: Pavel Kostomarov, Irina Shatalova, Fedor Lyass, Sergey Amirdzhanov, Chris Walters, Sergey Stefanovich, Martin Gasch
Editor: Dasha Danilova
Music by: Tuomas Kantellinen, Sangidorj Choigiv Khuurch Altan Urag
Producers: Sergei Bodrov, Munkozhap Badmaev
Executive producers: Louis Ferrara, Anton Cherenkov
A Tengri Production in association with Saga Production