Sound of Silence

danielle Sunday

Sunday September 30th
Cinema 2

99 min
India, 2017
Pahari, Tibetan, Hindi, English subtitles

Set in a beautiful Himalayan valley, it’s a journey of a neglected and abandoned mute boy, who loses his mother and is terribly neglected by his father. The boy is condemned to a lonely life, two cows are his only companions and he cares for them lovingly until his father sells them. One day the boy comes across a Buddhist monk who takes him under his wing, and the boy decides to join the Buddhist monastery. But his solitary life is not over as the young students shun him because he is different. Eventually he is accepted, but the longing to be loved by his father persists. His relationship with the elderly monk helps him to detach from his voiceless suffering, and explore the bond that each creation shares with nature, and learn the value of the sound of silence within.

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Director/Screenplay: Dr. Bijukumar Damodaran – Producer: Dr. A.K.Pillai – Sound mixing: Pramod Thomas – Sound design: Jayadevan Chakkadath – Location sync sound: Smijith Kumar .P.B – Music: Issac Thomas Kottukappalli – Editor: Davis Manuel – Cinematographer: M.J Radhakrishnan – Orginal score: Issac Thomas Kottukappilli – Sync sound recording – Smijith Kumar .P.B