Light for Freedom

danielle Sunday

Sunday September 30th
Cinema 2

10 min
Canada 2017
Tibetan, English

A guided journey through live performance, music and painting, towards an understanding of recent and recurring Tibetan self-immolations. Prominent Tibetan artists, activists and allies from the global diaspora are brought together in Toronto, organised by the Bureau of Power and Light, to create an immersive experience that acknowledges these acts of resistance.

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Director/Editor Guillermo De La Rosa with Alec Bell – Producer: Andrea Battersby, Geoff Doner – Sound: Karim Rizkalla – Live Painting: Tashi Norbu – Storytellers: Sheng Xue, Tenzing Rigdol, Tashi Nangsetsang, Sonam Chokey – Music Performers : Phenpo Tendhar, Geshe Ngawang Choden-la and Geshe Ludup Palden-la, Tibetan Opera Art Performance Group, TCCC, Cassandra Norton, Geoff Doner