danielle Saturday

Saturday September 29th
Cinema 2

82 min
France, 2015
Tibetan/French, English subtitles
Followed by a Q&A

Lying on the grass, a woman recalls her suffering after the loss of her sister when she was still a child. What is the meaning of her life?

Immersed in the colourful and vibrant setting of Dharamsala, India, the woman and three individuals from very different backgrounds come together to face their deepest fears as they approach the transformational power of the Kalachakra initiation. With unprecedented intimate access to this ritual led by the Dalai Lama and followed by millions, through this film we enter and discover an ancient yet unknown dimension where death meets life, a dimension that can change one forever. The film brings the open-minded viewer a deep sense of peace, and sends a beautiful message out into the world.

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Director: Natalie Fuchs – Camera: Sejal Shah, Pankaj Kuma – Voice of Kalachakra: Uma Thurman – Editor: Yves Deschamps – Original music: Laurent Ferlet – Sound engineer: Phillippe Richard – Production manager: Sybille Wallon – Associated producers: Dominique Marzotto, Frédéric Fuchs, Loïc Vecchio, Valérie Brüggeman, Olivier Mercier du Patty de Clam, Dominique Hurtebize, Nepal Tamang Lama, Rosine Lafon, Odile Charpiot