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The Buddhist Film Festival Europe (BFFE) is a unique showcase for films and projects, panels and art that highlights the Buddhist culture of training in non-violence and altruism. For more than ten years, we have contributed with films and speakers to the growth of mindfulness, aiming at the creation of a more compassionate society.

Your donations continue to make it possible for us to bring the works of courageous filmmakers to you, and our ever-widening audience.

We invite all of you to help these filmmakers share their stories.

There are 4 membership options:

BFFE 2018 Member: 15 euro (free access to opening film)
BFFE 2018 Member plus: 50 euro (free access to opening film & special event)
BFFE 2018 Sponsor: 100 euro (free access to opening film & special event, plus special mention)
BFFE 2018 Donor: 250 euro and over (tax deductible donation, free access to opening film & special event, plus special mention)

Please deposit your donation to:

Account name: Stichting IBFF Europe
IBAN account nr. NL69 INGB 0664 1214 03
Bank: ING (Rokin) Amsterdam
Reference: BFFE 2018, plus your choice of membership and email address

Fill out the contact form below or send an e-mail to with your name, donation type and e-mail address, to receive a confirmation letter of gratitude from us.  And we need to be able to contact you about reserving your tickets! Please write your donation type in the message section.

For those capable of sponsoring BFFE with a higher amount, using tax-benefits via ANBI status, or partnership, please contact our director Babeth M. VanLoo directly at

    BFFE is founded and headed by the internationally awarded director and producer Babeth M. VanLoo, the co-founder and former programming director of the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation, BOS. In 2016, we made a turning point in collaboration with new partnerships.

    For questions and remarks please contact us at

    Thank you very much!

    Warm regards,

    BFFE team
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