De Boeddha hier en nu

danielle Saturday

Saturday September 29th
Cinema 2

19 min
The Netherlands, 2017
Dutch, no subtitles
Followed by a Q&A

De Boeddha hier en nu
A personal and poetic film as a contemporary reflection on the life and teachings of the Buddha. The film is like a haiku, where casual images become extra-ordinary as an expression of an inner experience of reality. Metaphors and classical images alternate. The story about the life of the Buddha is written and narrated by Matthijs Schouten.

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Director/Producer/Editor: Alice Helenklaken – Text/Voice: Matthijs Schouten – With: Mika, Els, de duifjes, Roos, Theo, Katrin, Stephan, Elliot, Rosie,Dewi, Mecx, Robina, Carin, Rik, Zhanglu – Music and song: Dana Van Breukelen – Camera: Alex Groothedde, Alice Helenklaken, Britta Timmermans, Tera ter Velde – Tekst and narration: Matthijs Schouten – Advice: Babeth M. VanLoo, Ruth Higgins, Luuk Hoogma – Technical support: Alex Groothedde – With gratitude: Sayagyi U Ba Khin