danielle Sunday

Sunday October 1st
Cinema 2

84 min
Bhutan, 2016
Dzongkha, with English subtitles

Closing film of BFFE 2017 with closing speech

Closing ceremony

When an ancient Buddhist scripture is discovered, a senior Buddhist monk embarks on a journey in search of a young boy who is prophesied to be a reincarnate Lama. He is destined to propagate Buddha-dharma for the benefit of all sentient beings. After Rigzen Lingpa is recognized as the one who will fulfill the prophecy, he spends his life mastering the teachings of the Buddha. When he is a young lama presiding over a monastery in eastern Bhutan, a young girl from Thimphu returns home to her ailing mother. When she takes her mother to receive blessings from the lama, they experience a powerful connection. Together, they embark on an incredible journey in search of the real meaning of the Terma. What they discover will change their lives forever that will defy and challenge the conventional belief and accepted social values.

The movie Prophecy is a congenial marriage between the undeniable belief system of religion and a moral-biting truth, which could manifest in ways beyond the ordinary.

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Director/ Producer/ Script: Zuri Rinpoche – With: Ugyen Pema, Dorji Khandu, Lekzin Choden, Ani Choying Drolma, Loday Chophel, Sangyela, Kharma Wangchuk, Water Poon, Rinchen Norbu, Thinley Wangchuk – Cinematography: Pelden Dorji, Zuri Rinpoche, Henry Lai – Camera: Leki Dorji – Sound: Kinson Tsang, Karma Wangchuk – Editing: Wong Hoi, Loday Chophel – Screenplay: Karma Yonten, Fiona Lo, Pelden Dorji – Consultant: Willy Liao – Assistant director: Karma Yonten – Art directors: Water Poon, Pelden Dorji – Music: Henry Lai, Jigme Drukpa – Executive Producer: Winnie Su – Production Company: Kamala Studios – Gratitude to: Karma Theksum Monastery – Distribution: Bhutan Film Trust