BFFE 2017 – Art in Focus

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Bryan Mulvihill is an artist living mainly in Canada, China and India. He has made a life long study of ink brush painting under many Asian masters, in which the goal is to capture the Chi or life force expressed through the movement of the `way of the brush’.
These works are ‘permutations’ of Chan/Zen Buddhist koans or enlightened phrases, written in the four cardinal directions, to create a mandala affect that can be read from all directions. They are inspired by the `Cut-Up’ methods of Brion Gysin and William Burroughs, long time friends of Bryan. These works pay homage to a life long association with Buddhist iconography to constantly re-construct the image allowing the viewer into a magical force of engagement with the process of creative energy, the creativity of sustained open awareness.

Bryan exhibited these calligraffiti works most recently in Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, India, Japan, Norway, Oman, Sharjah and UK.

Tashi Norbu, a contemporary Tibetan artist, will perform a live painting session during the festival. Combining his background – Tibet and Buddhism – with influences from Western icons, Tashi enchanted audiences worldwide.

Accompanied by a short 9 min. film, Light for Freedom.
A guided journey through live performance, music and painting, towards an understanding of the recent and recurring Tibetan self-immolations.
Directed by Guillermo De la Rosa. Produced by Geoff Doner and Andrea Battersby. Featuring artists Tashi Norbu, Tenzing Rigdol, and human rights activist Sheng Xue.

A Sandmandala for Avolokiteshvara will be created live by Lama Choenyi during the Festival.