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ART IN FOCUS: Paul Groot & Bram Loogman

Paul Groot, art critic and video-artist, has worked extensively with the video-collective Rabotnik. His work is reminiscent of the cut-up technique propagated by William Burroughs and Brion Gysin. In this project he collaborates with Bram Loogman.

In this road-movie ‘QUINTEN In THAILAND – Searching for Buddha‘, a South American boy, Quinten, and his Thai girlfriend Sylvie travel through the landscape in Thailand, being part of a movie inside a movie. They are filmed by a Serbian cameraman, Vlad, who interferes in the love affair of the young couple, generating different controversies.

The purpose of the travel, with as it’s destination a little love shack in the country that is expected to be blessed by a Buddhist monk, is now uncertain. Is it fair to ask a monk to come and do the blessing ceremony, when the love seems over?

A cinematographic essay referencing Nouvellevague and other avant-garde cinema, within the Buddhist landscape.