A Touch of Zen

danielle Saturday

Saturday October 1st
Cinema 2
200 min
Taiwan 1971/2014
Mandarin with English subtitles

Touch of Zen (Xia nu) by King Hu depicts the journey of Yang, a fugitive noblewoman in disguise who seeks refuge in a remote, and allegedly haunted, village. The sanctuary she and her three companions find with a shy scholar is shattered when a nefarious swordsman uncovers her identity, pitting the five against legions of blade-wielding opponents. At once a wuxia film, the tale of a spiritual quest, and a study in human nature, A Touch of Zen is an unparalleled work in Hu’s formidable career and an epic of the highest order, characterized by breathtaking action choreography, stunning widescreen landscapes, and innovative editing.

Director/Writer/Editor: King Hu – With: Hsu Feng, Shih Chun, Bai Ying, Xue Han, Zhang Bing-yu, Cao Jian, Jia Lu-shi, Wan Zhong-shan, Tien Peng, Wang Rui, Han Ying-jie, Miao Tian, Roy Chiao–Presented by: Sha Yung-fong –Camera: Hua Hui-ying, Zhou Ye-xing –Music by: Wu Da-jiang –Action choreography: Han Ying-jie and Pan Yao-kun –Assistant director: Miao Tian

A TOUCH OF ZEN a-touch-of-zen_2

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