Friday 2 October


Cinema 1


19.00 – 21.00


Openingsfilm Golden Kingdom (101 min)


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Opening film – Friday October 2nd

Cinema 1
104 min
USA 2014
Burmese with English subtitles

With their monastery nestled in the jungle mountains of Myanmar, life cycles peacefully for four young Buddhist monks. One day the head abbot learns that he must depart on a journey through the mountain pass – a journey that may never see his return. Alone and exposed, the four young boys, led by the courageous ‘Witazara’, must now fend for themselves. Strange days filled with ghostly phenomena and jarring events shake the boys to the core, dramatically influencing their understanding of this world and beyond, as Witazara must choose whether to follow the master into the pass. Shot entirely in newly opened Myanmar with non actors, Golden Kingdom is the first international feature shot in Burma, also known as Myanmar, since its recent opening to the outside world. Director Brian Perkins says that “the origins of Golden Kingdom date from my first contact with the Swel Tal monastery in Myanmar. Encountering the young boys there – often orphans – living as monks, I was overwhelmed. I had never met anybody with such radically opened hearts. And these were children, living largely self-sufficient amongst each other (yet still up to the tricks of children), with no possessions, no family present. All against the compelling backdrop of a nation in radical transformation, convulsion, and often violent self-discovery.” Golden Kingdom bridges spirit, cinema, and traditional Burmese storytelling to open a new view onto an unseen world, in a land that is transforming by the moment.

Director: Brian Perkins – Camera: Bella Halben – Producer/1st assistant director – Matt O’Connor – Sound design and editorial and music: David C.Hughes – Editor – Sebastian Bonde – Production sound mixer: Alex Altman – VFX supervisor: Miles Lauridsen

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