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Tashi Norbu in EYE

Tashi Norbu

Tashi Norbu

Tashi Norbu is an independent Tibetan contemporary artist, a dutch citizen ,  who has developed into an allround and versatile modern artist.  Tashi Exhibits his works internationally. Like in NY Queens museum, London with Rossi and Rossi and in Francis boeske gallery Amsterdam with his own initiative `Tibet Art Now`. His programme is booked now till next year august 2016.

His art still shows the fundamentals/basis of his background – Tibet and Buddhism – combined with strong influences from western art forms and western ideas and modern time’s icons. He is educated as a traditional Tibetan thangka painter at the offices of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. He completed his art studies in the western world at the Saint Lucas Academy of Visual Arts in Ghent, Belgium.

Tashi Norbu along with other Tibetan Contemporary Artists internationally are proud to be part of this Unique parallel showcase to the Venice Biennale until 1st November.

Some of his paintings are exhibited during the BFFE 2015 in EYE.

ART IN FOCUS: Rob Sweere & Marco Bagnoli


BFFE 2015 is pleased to feature two artists this year: Rob Sweere and Marco Bagnoli:


The Silent Sky Project

Sunday October 4


Details at festival reception – arrive early!


As a child we lay on our back in the grass and spent time looking into the sky. We looked at the clouds, gazed into space and gave room to our fantasies, our dreams. How often do we give ourselves this opportunity just to dream and do nothing special, now that we are grown up?  How much do you really see, how conscious are you of your daily surroundings? Do you really experience your environment? Or do you use this space just to move from one place to another to perform our daily duties?

Dutch artist Rob Sweere invites groups of people all around the globe to have a Silent Conversation with the Sky. They take part in an ongoing artwork and have a new personal experience of their daily surrounding. We look into space in a state that is intensified by group dynamics. You look from your own inner universe into another universe, or is it the same?

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“Marco Bagnoli belongs to those artists that have deliberately chosen Silence, seeing that silence is simply another logos.

He sets himself apart from the trap of consumerism, to be able to reflect on Time, on its perception, on the varying spiritual depths of Man and Nature, utilising, on the one hand, the force of the mind that embodies the intuitive potential of man, together with the Courage of the Truth that transcends systems, so as to live and love reality.

With his art he comprehends, cultivates and gives form to humanity as an alternative, free form of human existence, where his role as an artist, rather than merely reproducing the visible, renders it visible through the various idioms of his soul.” (Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, director of the film Marco Bagnoli Sulla Vigna, screening in this year’s festival).

Bagnoli: ‘If we think that we have an awareness of a tree, indeed, that the tree itself may be the symbol of that awareness, could it be that the tree is aware of us too? And if this is so, then is it the tree that plants us, in a material sense, absorbing our awareness? And if it is not the case, then could it be that the God who is dead will be reborn in our awareness?’