Alga del Mar 01

Alga del Mar – a Zen story

david Saturday

Time: 12.15 – Saturday October 3, 2015

Cinema 4

Screening with: Lo Sum Choe Sum & Tashi and the Monk
37 min
Netherlands 2015
Spanish with English subtitles
Followed by Q&A with the director

A homeless Latin American woman in 1980’s Amsterdam who wanders around town singing tango and looking for a place to sleep, finds herself practicing zazen, the sitting meditation of the Buddhas. Living the present moment as a zen nun of the 21st century.
A journey from squatted houses to zen temples, from heart breaking tango songs to zen sutras. Just another zen story?

Director/camera/editor: Héctor Ferreiro – With: Alga del Mar as herself, Kosen sangha
– Archive material 1980: Ludo Van Der Kraats, Adelbert Evers – Sound, postproduction: Leo García – Produced by: iNTENTO! Production Company


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