danielle Sunday

Time: 14.30 – Sunday October 4, 2015

Cinema 2

91 min
China 2014
Chinese with English subtitiles
Followed by Q&A with the director

25 years ago, American author Bill Porter came to Zhongnan Mountains to look for modern Chinese hermits. He discovered that the 2000-year-old hermit tradition is still well-kept, as dozens of monks and nuns continued to lead solitary lives in quiet contemplation of their faith deep in the mountains; his experiences are documented in his book Road to Heaven. In 2014, Bill Porter returned to the Zhongnan Mountains, and this beautiful film follows him on his journey. Filmed over three years and 14 trips, Hermits is made using the Buddhist principle: Leave as it is… The film has no music, no narration, no zooming, no panning, no close-ups, no props, no settings, no artificial lighting, no gorgeous scenery shots, and no fade-in/fade-out, and no special effects. In its own very special way the film both reflects and reveals the simple and natural way of the hermit’s life.

Directors: He Shiping, Fu Peng, Zhou Chengyu – Camera: Zhou Chengyu, Fu Peng, Guo Feng, Luo Wenjie, Li Ansiqi, and Yu Yueyang – Editor: Zhou Chengyu, and Fu Peng – Consultant: Bill Porter, and Xin Yi


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