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Tzu Chi – Doing Good in the World

danielle Sunday

Time: 16.15 – Sunday October 4, 2015

Cinema 2

90 min
Netherlands, Taiwan 2015
English and Chinese with English subtitles
Followed by Q&A with the director

One of the largest charity organizations in the world Tzu Chi was founded 50 years ago in Taiwan by Dharma master Cheng Yen. With two million volunteers, Cheng Yen calls them Bodhisattvas: Those who vow to liberate all others. They go on international relief missions to bring humanitarian aid, medical care, food and sometimes millions of cash to disaster areas. Direct giving is at the core of Tzu Chi, person-to-person, looking suffering straight in the eye and offering the help that is needed. Thus she motivates people to cultivate their innate positive qualities. While elsewhere health care suffers from major cutbacks and time-constraint, Tzu Chi hospitals progress in the opposite direction: More time for patients and selfless care, based on compassion and equality. 1000’s of recycling stations provided funding for the next step: Tzu Chi’s own television station. Their educational system promotes the ethical and social skills of children with mindfulness and wisdom training. The suffering of the world can be healed by recognizing your love for others. That is Cheng Yen’s message!

Director/Producer: Babeth M. VanLoo – Director of
cinematography: Ashley James – Sound: Ginny Heueh – Editor: Chris Teerink – Music: Harry de Wit – Sound mix: Geert Braams – With: Dharma Master Cheng Yen, Dr. You-Chen Chao, Tseng Shu Ching, Hsiu Mei Tai, Shi Fu De Tzu, Hsie-Shih Tien, Lui Dan-li, Chen You Cing, Dr Chin Lion, Rey Her, De Tien-Yu-Wu, Edward KL Yang, Dr Jin Cheng, Silin Huang, James DM Lee, Yeh Yin Wu, Howard, Chen Tian Fong, Lui Yu Hu, Tang Jian Ming, Johan Alwali, Thomas Huang, Ben Gi-Zhi Shih, Tzu Yue, Anthony Min Tsang Ho, May Lon Lin, Maggie IFeng Lin, Anita Yang, Ching-Kuei Hsien In memory of Henriette Matthes. With gratitude to Jotika Hermsen, Sangha Metta – Produced by FILM ART in association with Tzu Chi – TV version in co-production with BOS


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